“The Pedestrian”

As part of the City of Agoura’s “One City, One Book” program honoring author Ray Bradbury, the class read the short story “The Pedestrian” today. For homework tonight, students should reread the story in preparation for more class discussion tomorrow and a quiz on the story on Wednesday. There are also two items to put on your calendar as part of the “One City, One Book” program:

  • Attend the special lunch assembly on Wednesday in the MPR. The assembly will feature a screening of Ray Bradbury speaking and an animated video of the “The Pedestrian.”
  • All students and their parents are also invited to the City of Agoura free screening of Fahrenheit 451 and an exclusive taped Bradbury interview at the Agoura Regency Theater at 7 PM on Thursday night. Please note that space in the theater is limited, and the event is first come, first serve.

I encourage everyone to attend both events!

Students should have their English Workshop books with them tomorrow in order to go over the homework on page 195-196 assigned last week.  In addition, students participating in the individual blogging challenge should check the Week 3 challenge activity options and choose one of the suggested activities to complete.

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