Literary Vocabulary, Reviewing Copyright Guidelines

Today we went over the literary vocabulary terms in preparation for a quiz on their meanings and applications tomorrow. Also in preparation for tomorrow, homework for tonight is to play at least one of the Quia Literary Terms games. To access these games, click the Quia link for your class period in the right sidebar of this blog, select Literary Terms, and login.

We also reviewed why it is so important to abide by copyright laws and not publish any copyrighted material to your blog. When someone produces a creative work, such as a book, video, image, or song, the work is automatically copyrighted in order to protect the creator from other people using it without permission. Some artists, on the other hand, are happy to share their work and let other people publish it. They can grant this permission by registering their work with a Creative Commons license. In our class, I have encouraged students to use to find pictures for their blogs, since it offers one of the world’s largest collections of Creative Commons images. It also, though, has many images that are copyrighted and not Creative Commons-licensed. Yesterday, a student in our class posted a photograph he found on to his blog, and last night the photographer contacted him and asked him to remove it. The student intended to use a Creative Commons-licensed image, but he forgot to limit his flickr search to Creative Commons images only. Please remember to carefully check that any image you want to publish has a Creative Commons license. Also, of course, always link to the image source to give credit to the creator. Check this blog posting by Sue Waters of for more help on this topic, and this posting for help finding Creative Commons-licensed images.

Don’t forget to place any Scholastic book club orders by tomorrow. Finally, students participating in theĀ International Blogging Challenge should try to complete Challenge Activity #4 by tomorrow.

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