Adverbs and the Environment

Today we went over the homework on page 114 in English Workshop and discussed adverbs and other parts of speech. In some of the classes, we played this adverbs game online. For homework:

  • Visit the Wacky Web Tale page.
  • Select a story and complete it.
  • Print out your story and correct any grammatical errors you find. You may find errors if you selected the wrong part of speech for one of the entries, or if your choice is not in agreement with the accompanying words in the sentence.
  • If your printer isn’t working, paste your story into an email and send it me.
  • Have fun!

For other homework, complete the VoiceThread assignment about where you live that I gave yesterday. Finally, students doing the blogging challenge should be working on challenge activity 5 or 6 by now. For Challenge Activity #4, students were asked to post something about the environment. Daddysangel, one of my students, did a great posting about how to save water, and she made an Animoto movie about water. Here, with her permission is her movie, which I shared in class today:

Create your own video slideshow at

To visit her complete posting at this link.

2 thoughts on “Adverbs and the Environment

  1. hi Mrs Lofton yous have got a cool page, and animoto about water. I didnt know 1 percent of water is drinkable bye.

    Melville Intermediate
    New Zealand

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